Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rough Leatherjacket - Juvenile

This cute little guy was photographed on last weeks dive at Rockingham (WA) Wreck Trail. He was hiding behind the rope and I had to swim around a couple of times to get the shot. The rope behind, is tied off to each of the wrecks on the site to enable easy navigation around the site in the normally poor visibility.

Nudibranch - Chromodoris Reticulata (I think!)

This shot was taken while diving on the Rockingham (WA) Wreck Trail last week. My first dive on this site and I don't know why I haven't done it sooner. The site has two small aeroplanes and two small boats together with a reef of old tyres and a 'Chook Pen', (Chicken House), all sunk close to the beach and connected by ropes to make navigating the site easy. I was lucky to get 5 - 10 metres visibility, it's normally less due to the silty bottom. The maximum depth is 18 metres.
This Nudibranch is one of the larger ones I come across, about 3 inches, and its colour and markings were excellent.