Tuesday, 9 September 2014

White-Barred Boxfish

These are cute little fish which we see regularly on Three Mile Reef at Mindarie. The first shot is the juvenile and the second is what it grows into - a great change of colour. It's amazing how fast they swim , apparently using only their tails and the rear fins.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Red Firefish or Lionfish

The Red Firefish or more often called Lionfish is becoming more common in Perth waters probably due to increasing sea temperatures. Their southern limit used to be around 400Km further north but we are seeing them regularly now. This shot was taken on Three Mile reef about 7km north west of Mindarie Marina which is situated about 30Km north of Perth CBD.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Harlequin Fish

These shots were taken while diving with Western Blue Charters at a site called Carol's Kitchen on Three Mile Reef north west of Mindarie in Western Australia. The depth here ranges between 16 and 23 metres and the reef is several kilometres long but very narrow, with a 6-7metre high wall rising from the sand on one side and sloping down to only a metre or so on the other. The fish life is prolific and varied - always something nice to see! The Harlequin Fish is rated highly for eating - but why would you!!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Menjangan Island, North West Bali, Indonesia.

This is a typical dive on Menjangan Island and features my dive buddy Carol. Menjangan means deer in Indonesian and the island is named this because deer swim to it from Bali and Java. We spent a week exploring the dozen or so dive sites around the Island where the depths ranged from 10 to 35 metres. There was quite a strong current at the west end of the island at a site called Eel Garden but it dissipated quite quickly when we came up to shallower water. The variety of fish life is good but few sharks and turtles. We stayed at the Mimpi Resort which was relatively expensive for Bali but quite luxurious for diving. The resort had a Dive Shop and set us up with a Dive Guide, we had Wayan who was excellent, a small boat with a skipper and snacks drinks and fresh towels. We did three dives each day and did our surface intervals at the island. Worth a visit but a week is enough. Thre is some muck diving near the resort and some other sites a short car trip away, but we did not try them.

Bluegirdle Angelfish and Trumpetfish

This pair were swimming together on a dive at Menjangan Island off the NW coast of Bali. I think it was just coincidence they were in the same shot!!

Pinktail Triggerfish

Another shot from my trip to Menjangan Island off the NW coast of Bali. The Pinktail Triggerfish is common throughout SE Asia but this was the first I have seen.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Titan Trigger Fish

These shots were taken during a trip to Menjangen Island off the NW coast of Bali last October. Titan Trigger fish are amazing - over half a metre in length with massive teeth. They eat coral and while diving you can actually hear them biting and crunching. What goes in at the front end comes out as white sand at the other. They have also been known to bite divers!!