Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Menjangan Island, North West Bali, Indonesia.

This is a typical dive on Menjangan Island and features my dive buddy Carol. Menjangan means deer in Indonesian and the island is named this because deer swim to it from Bali and Java. We spent a week exploring the dozen or so dive sites around the Island where the depths ranged from 10 to 35 metres. There was quite a strong current at the west end of the island at a site called Eel Garden but it dissipated quite quickly when we came up to shallower water. The variety of fish life is good but few sharks and turtles. We stayed at the Mimpi Resort which was relatively expensive for Bali but quite luxurious for diving. The resort had a Dive Shop and set us up with a Dive Guide, we had Wayan who was excellent, a small boat with a skipper and snacks drinks and fresh towels. We did three dives each day and did our surface intervals at the island. Worth a visit but a week is enough. Thre is some muck diving near the resort and some other sites a short car trip away, but we did not try them.

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