Saturday, 7 January 2012

Grey Nurse Shark - Key Biscayne Wreck

This video was shot at a depth of 42 metres on the wreck of the Key Biscayne, a 'jack up' oil drilling platform which sank in a storm in 1983 while under tow from Darwin to Fremantle for repair. I was swimming along one of the legs of the rig, trying to find a big enough gap to get through. The shark was 3-4 metres long, but they are relatively harmless and sometimes known as the labrador of the sea! It was difficult to keep up with the shark and when it decided to turn and swim away, I had no chance to keep pace. A lucky shot!!


  1. Oh well done getting that footage, you'll have to try and get a little closer next time haha! Seriously, even though it's not a 'dangerous' type of shark, rather you than me swimming next to it!

  2. dom dom dom dom - mad man chasing shark!!