Thursday, 12 January 2012

Western Rock Lobster - Crayfish

One of the 'bonuses' of diving on the reefs off the coast of Perth is that we are able to catch Crayfish for the table. Fishing while diving is only permitted during daylight hours and there is a limit of six Crayfish per diver or 12 per boat. The method for catching them is to use a spring loaded wire loop which is manoevered behind the Crayfish and closed on the tail. It's quite tricky and we rarely catch more than a couple - mostly none! The season runs from mid November to the end of June and there is a minimum size limit for catches. It is also illegal to take females in breeding condition or with eggs, thus protecting the local stock. The Crays normally hide under ledges or in caves during the day making it even harder to find and catch them. They come out at night to feed and during night dives they can be seen boldly roaming the reefs. In the dark they would be too easy to catch!!

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