Thursday, 11 August 2011

Busselton Jetty - Bullseyes, Globe Fish & Mosaic Leatherjacket

Busselton Jetty, situated about 250 kilometres south of Perth was built about 145 years ago and is constructed of timber and is 1.8 kilometres long. There is an underwater observatory near the end which enables members of the public to view the scenery normally only viewed by divers. The first shot shows the wooden piles which support the structure. They are surrounded by a school of Bullseyes and the piles are covered in a luxurious growth of soft corals making it feel like you are in a forrest. The second shot is of a small group of Globe Fish and the third is a Mosaic Leatherjacket surrounded b y a variety of other species. The jetty is a popular fishing spot and is fantastic for diving, particularly at night.


  1. Another wonder from the South West and the Margaret River Region as more to boot.
    Thanks for sharing and I am sure you have enjoyed some of the best scuba diving off the ship wreck in Geograph Bay?

  2. Beautiful pictures once again! When we visited Busselton back in 2010 the water under the jetty was off limits due to restoration work. The viewing deck was also closed, so we had to settle for buying a book instead... but we'll be back..!